Online Marketing For A New Business – A Quick Guide To Success

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As a new, start up business, you may now be the proud owner of a sparkling website that has taken a few months, a few hundred pounds and many, many hours of stress and pure hard work to get just right, but of course, a lovely website is only any use to you if you have people visiting that could potentially turn into customers.

Far too many businesses believe that they just need a website, and they need not do anything else, and whilst this might have been the case a few years ago, these days, with all the competition online, just having a website is no longer enough. You have to work on your website, promote your website and get people to your website, and whilst some of the methods you need to use are free and just require effort and time, there are also quick win elements and platforms that you can use that might cost money, but can be very rewarding.

Here is a quick guide to the online marketing methods you need to be thinking about as a start-up business:


SEO should be on your mind from day one and should still be on your mind as time goes on, in fact, SEO should be your number one priority from a long term, business progression point of view. You do not need us to tell you how effective being on the front page of Google will be for your company, but this will take time, it will take effort and it will take a wealth of content and skilled SEO knowledge to get you there, but you have to do it for the long term success of your website and your business.

Pay Per Click

Some businesses hate the idea of paying for traffic and others understand just how effective it is, but put simply, if you want business from day one then you have to be using Pay Per Click, through AdWords, Bing Ads, or of course both. PPC is not always easy to get right, so you might find outsourcing a good idea, but once you have your campaign running effectively and you are hitting the right markets, then the business should follow and the success will be noticeable.

Paid Social Media Advertising

Facebook and Twitter have some fantastic and cost effective paid platforms that as a business, you really should be utilising. Both offer excellent targeting options, from location elements through to interests and other demographics, which means that as a local business you can easily get in front of potential customers through these fairly simple to use paid marketing platforms and with the right time and effort, you should see some very good successes.

Social Media

Love it, hate it or have no real strong feelings about it, Facebook, Twitter and in general, social media can be effective for your business, from both a brand awareness point of view and a direct sales point of view. Social media is arguably one of the most consistently used aspects of the online world, with 80% of people in the UK checking into their Facebook more than once a day, which means for your business to succeed, it has to be seen, and the various social media platforms really do allow you to benefit from this.

Email Marketing

The final platform on our quick guide is email marketing, as if you get this right, it can be a winner from day one and for many years to come. Although email marketing might take a bit of time to get started and to get enough people on the mailing list to make it worthwhile, this is something that you need to be doing for the long haul, as email marketing still works, continues to keep brand awareness high and keeps those customers coming back for more.

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